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e diel, 10 qershor 2007

General info on GM foods

Genetically-modified food includes:

Advantages of this new agricultural technology reflect growth satisfaction with significant benefits ranging from:
1 more flexible crop management and rotation,
2 higher productivity and profits,
3 a safer environment through decreased usage of conventional pesticides and herbicides,
4 crops more insect and viral resistant,
5 crops more herbicide tolerant,
6 more desirable food products like delayed ripening tomatoes, oil seed rape with modified fatty acid, high oleic acid soybean, and carnations with extended shelf life and richer colour are produced, due to technology of genetic modification.

However, there are too, problems regarding production of GMOs. Those include:
1 worries about long term effect on human health, through the use of antibiotic resistant marker genes and the risks of allergen transfer,
2 influence of multinational seed companies on countries’ economies, and the possible demise of the small-scale farmers,
3 the increased use of pesticides and herbicides due to the resistance to pesticides of GM crops that would lead to reduced costs of control of weed, pest and disease infestation, the environment is greatly at risk of the chemicals.
4 growing reluctance to eat GM food by the general public, whether due to religious, ethical, health or environmental problems.

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